Slow Loading Characters/Mobs/Objects

Many players with newer system seem to think the server or game "lags" due to characters, monsters, NPCs, weapons, objects and buildings taking a long time to load. The Frequent Problems and Solutions (FAQ) sticky in Technical Support has this, but most people do not read it so I am adding it here. This due to your quad core and sometimes dual core processor which has issues with RO2 as most programs are not dual core optimized let alone configured for quad core and will not be for quite some time. Fixing this is very simple process, and the step by step instructions can be found in this guide.

Antivirus False Positivites for RagII.exe

Before you download or install anything, read this paragraph entirely to prevent unfounded worries, false accusations and paranoid players. Ragnarok Online 2’s main program RagII.exe was compiled with “Themida”, which is used to prevent reverse engineering and “hacking” of their program. Themida is detected by many antivirus programs as a TROJAN and sometimes quarantined or deleted but it is a FALSE POSITIVE. There are NO virus, Trojans or malware contained in any of YggRO2’s client installers.
Incase your antivirus deletes or quarantines your RagII.exe file I have included 2 “spare” copies in your YggRo2 folder in both .zip and .rar formats. You must add the YggRO2 folder and RagII.exe to your antivirus’s exceptions list, then proceed to extract RagII.exe into the YggRO2\System folder. Please note while Mcafee might not be free, some versions DO NOT have an exceptions list of any sort and thus can cause this issue until completely removed from your system.

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