Protip #2: Leeching: or, Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.Edit

Okay so you're a low(ish)-to-mid level character and keep thinking "where can I level" or "ahh, being ganked!" or "why do I keep dying?". Well, here's an alternate way to get up those EXP points. It's called leeching. It's also a good way to make new friends in game as well.

  1. Find a higher level character than you. 10 to 20 levels above your level is good enough.
  2. Ask them nicely if you can leech off them. If they say no, don't worry, someone will eventually offer to help. Whenever I get the chance to go in game I often offer to let people leech my EXP.
  3. Party up. Usually when leeching parties occur, looting is set to turn based. But if its not, don't worry about that, you're still gaining EXP.
  4. They'll take you somewhere where the exp should be good for the both of you.
  5. Let them attack first, then join in & help kill whatever mob they're killing. Keep on doing so until you're bored or they're bored.

Before you know it, you've gained some EXP (you might have gained a level or two as well), they've gained some EXP (they might have gained another level too) - both your weapons have gained EXP too (possibly leveled as well). EXP PARTY! YEAH!

But on that.. note this as well:

  • Be nice to the person who's offered help you out.
  • Don't get all upset & whine if you don't get any loot out of it. You're leveling, who cares?
  • Once you've/they've had enough & want to go do something else, thank them for their time, and if you did get any loot they might want and you can't use/don't need, give it to them as way of saying thank-you. A little bit of common courtesy never hurt anyone.
  • Don't take advantage of this, though. Don't continuously ask people for leeching parties. If you keep asking random people constantly, they will either say no or eventually ignore you completely.
  • (for Enchanters only) If you're leeching and all they say is "heal me" constantly, although you're gaining some EXP - you're also becoming a heal-slave which really isn't fair to you. So, if that happens, bail out & find someone new. The higher level character should be strong enough to take the damage without asking for heals all the time. You'll be too busy casting/attacking. Buffs though? By all means. The person you're partying with will have more power to attack, which means less kill time which means more mobs. Which means more EXP for you & them.

So essentially that's it. You're gaining EXP, making new friends, finding future spots to level & all around having fun. Yay!