Protip #1: Using both weapons to full advantage or, Let's double up on killing & leveling!Edit

"Damn my weapon levelled, back to town I go", you think when you hear that "bing!" when you're half way through upping your cLv/jLv & your weapon has leveled.

Well, if you did the quest to unlock the second weapon slot & have it.. why not use that instead? You've still got another weapon sitting there, why not use that, get your level up a bit more.. wait 'til that second weapon has leveled too.. THEN go back to town & upgrade both at the same time. You're doing three things here:

  1. Doubling your leveling time (getting more loot too).
  2. Upgrading both weapons at the same time.
  3. Not wasting time jumping back to a blacksmith in a town every time 1 weapon levels.

Yeah, it might be a bit hard at first - if your primary weapon is at lv 30 (therefore more damage) & your secondary is at lv 10 (therefore less damage); but in the end its worth it. When you hear that "bing!" just hit G, switch it up & keep on killing things until you hear another "bing!". When I started doing this, it was hard at first, having a high level longsword and a low level short sword; but now i'm pulling decent damage with the short sword too (all thanks to my sub class though & party-leeching, but thats not the point). My base damage is still getting higher. I'm leveling faster & getting way more loot than I usually would have.

Hell, you might even gain an extra cLv/jLv in that time, too.