This guide will help those looking for a stone to make the parasite stone.
Please Note that these stones are VERY rare so plz dont say u cant find it.


Parasite Stone Explanation

Ok people. Here is a run down on what a parasite stone is. A parasite stone is like a alter stone for a weapon but instead you equip the parasite stone onto your clothing/equipment. There are two types of stones. There the red stones and there is the blue stones. The red are the type that increase atk, cast time, atk spd, etc. The blue are the type that increase ur stats like STR, INT, etc. On each piece of equipment, you can equip 1 red stone and 1 blue stone. So these stones are more beneficial to you more then you think. If not then you can sell the stone for a high price. The NPC that make the parasite stones are the blacksmith. Each blacksmith have their own set of parasite stone. Like you were think, the parasite stone start low to high with the towns. So hodemine would have the lvl low stones and alfhiem would have the high lvl stone. Keep in mind that each parasite stone need different amount.
When you are making the stones, the red will be under parasite stones, and the blue will be under alter stones.

Red Stones

Blue Stones

Happy Hunting~