"The YggRO2 Age or, A Young Newbies Non-Illustrated Primer"

Everything you'd ever want to know about YggRO2 but were afraid to ask

Important Note from the YggRO2 staff

The RO2 Newbie Readme, by Ixis, has been moved to our wiki site. =Make sure to read this entire guide= as you will likely want to reference it while you are in-game fairly often. The guide is split into sections which you can access from the menu on the left. YggRO2 has evolved to the point where it is not RO2 anymore, and RO2 was NOT like RO1 to start with so everyone new to YggRO2 needs to read this.

Also notice we have two other useful guides, and protips along with drop information which can all be accessed from the menu to the left.


This guide " aims to answer most of the common questions asked by new players of YggRO2, as well as act as an updated guide to the one " Rio wrote back in 07'. I'm making this guide because there's a lot of random information on this forum and it's hard to keep track of it all, especially for newbies (who never want to use the search function.) And while I'm usually quick to answer questions, I've been only playing for about two weeks and already I'm getting a little weary of answering the same questions, and some of the staff are a bit fatigued as well.

I'm making this so that new players can get the answers they need, even when no one helpful is on, and as a place for people to send new players to when they have a couple of questions that are hard to answer because you're being eaten alive by King Battle Poro or something. If you decided to read this thread before starting up the game for the first time, well...

We'll all just get along famously.

This guide assumes you are at least familiar with basic RPG terms and how RO1 works (even though RO2 is very different on several levels.) I've also included a couple fun links to youtube if you get bored (may contain materials inappropriate for children), you'll also find some snacks in the cupboard.

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