Your Second Weapon Slot: or, Guns for Show, Knives for a Pro.Edit

This is quest #40 from Scacciano Morrigan. You have to do other quest for him to unlock this quest.

1 Ro2Shot 20100520 014419601

Okay, so here's the quest. Swim to the Northern Bridge outside Hodemimes. That scroll is what you're after.

2 Ro2Shot 20100520 014720335

Now you're outside Hodemimes, swim like a mad thing to the bridge & back.

3 Ro2Shot 20100520 014835929

Quest complete! Lets go see Scacciano Morrigan again!

4 Ro2Shot 20100520 015151570

Yay, you got it! Good on you! Ro2Shot 20100520 015234414

Now double click the scroll to unlock the second slot & type in !addweapon

5 Ro2Shot 20100520 020542976

Okay, now, hit "U" and right click on the weapon to give it a name (just like at character creation). Then go to the blacksmith, and click weapon name to give it the title.

6 Ro2Shot 20100520 020812367

Oh my god! Second weapon! You did it! Yay you! Have half a holiday.

There you have it. Two weapons. Now go learn different weapon masteries & have fun! If you learn other masteries and have them AS your specialty skills you can change weapon type at the blacksmith (into any weapon type you CURRENTLY have weapon mastery for) so you don't have to use the cattelya!